Rejection Sucks

“Thank you for applying, but we feel that your skills do not meet our needs,” is never a fun line to read. So far, my job search has not been going so well (not trying to sound negative and please don’t pity). Part of me want to hide under my bed sheets and stuff my face with chocolate.

Rejection sucks, but that is part of life. It is a hard lesson to learn. I often question if my resume, cover letter, or personality is the reason why I not receiving any interviews or offers. Doubt starts sinking in.

My life feels stuck when there is no job offer. I wonder how I am going to financially support myself or chase my dreams. My “career” seems impossible to start.

As much as each rejection hurts, I have realized that it was not meant to be (cliche as that sounds), but it is true. Life is probably sending me a message to look at a different path to reach my goal or pursue something else. Adulthood is tough, but I have to keep on going.



This morning, I woke up and was making some green tea. Just chilling. Out of nowhere, my pal called me if I was interested in getting breakfast with her. I whispered, “Yeah, let’s go.”

My friend drove us to a restaurant called Jelly near the University of Denver (DU). The bright orange wall caught my eyes when I entered Jelly. My eyes quickly noticed that there were classic cereal boxes on the wall, including a Star Trek one of Spock! Sadly, I could not get a good picture of that box from where I was sitting.

The first thing we received was our water. My friend was disappointed that it came in plastic cups because it is not usually how they serve it. However, when our waiter came, he notified us that they had brought out more of their special glass, which are mason jars! He then replaced our plastic cups with clear mason jars filled with refreshing water. It gave such a quaint feel as if we were in the country side instead of busy Denver.

When our waiter asked us what we wanted to drink, I asked him what was their specialty. He happily responded, “The latte is very good, especially with coconut and toffee nut!” I screamed, “I want that!”

There were so many delicious choices on the menu and I could not decide what to get. My friend advised me to get the haco chili Benedict, which had chorizo in it. I could not wait to get it!

While waiting for our food, my friend and I were talking about job searching situation. I expressed the amount of rejections I was receiving. She then talked about her own struggles too. I was relieved that I was not the only one figuring out a career move.

Our food arrived! The English muffins were covered with the haco chili! So beautiful! I immediately took a bite and was in heaven! The rustic potatoes were crunchy, but had a simple taste to them. 

Jelly was a great restaurant for brunch! The food was so fresh and light. I will for sure come back.

Ignoring Haters

“You are so stupid, Benny,” is a line I am used to hearing now. People love to tell me how I am ruining my life, yet they refuse to admit their own problems. I choose to ignore them and make fun of them. So mean of me, but they deserve to be made fun of.

Growing up, I used to crack under others’ expectations. Peers would make fun of the way I talked or acted. I would become very self-conscious of how I presented myself. Socializing became a scary task for me.

Even my teachers would say snarky comments to my face and behind my back. I had an English teacher in high school who would criticize my writing skills and whenever I asked her why, she would give me her death stare. She should be grateful that I never called her out on her tacky fashion style (No joke. She wore grey slacks with a light color purple cotton t-shirt).  Luckily, I never saw that awful woman after high school.

When I reached college, I thought that people would be more open-minded than my peers in high schools. Sadly, my classmates would say very racist and rude statements indirectly to me. They would say, “No offence, Benny, but Chinese people are robots.” I could not believe that they would say that to me. It was worse with my professors who would say the most messed up things ever.  One time, my professor screamed, “The Chinese are going to take over!” I officially lost all respect for that person.

On a personal level, people would tell me that I would fail in life. One clear example was when I was telling people that I was going to study abroad in China. Instead of showing support, they said, “Beijing is dirty. Why would you go there?” That made me realized that these people were weighing my life down.

Now, I know that people will continue to hate, but I have to ignore them. I understand that these people hate because they live a sad, pathetic life. That is why they are losers! I am so glad that I kicked them out of my life.

I now do not worry about others’ opinions. When it comes down to it, it is up to me to live my life. I refuse to let haters to dictate my life.

Not the Only One

This morning, my friend texted me that she was going to get all you can eat lunch special at a sushi restaurant. She asked if I wanted to join her. I responded with a yes.

My friend is a true foodie because she is not afraid to try anything and she loves to take pictures of her food. Eating with her is always fun. So strange that we have been friends since high school.

While eating, we discussed our struggles of forming a career plan. We both stated our desire to explore different opportunities, especially traveling. I spoke about wanting to live abroad again.

Having lunch with my pal made me realized that I am not the only one in figuring out life. Getting a job is crucial, but I want to experience life. I seek to create memories. 

Breathing Again

Yesterday, I ate pho with a pal from college. She just recently became a teacher and was telling me how much she loved teaching her little ones. We chatted about all the traveling we did this summer. That conversation made me feel that we were back in college, yet we were no longer students.

The idea of not returning to school is a sign of relief. As fun as college was, I am so happy to be done with school. I cannot stand the idea of being in a lecture ever again or having to write pointless papers.

College was amazing by providing me the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable professors, who also provided life advice too. One professor taught me to not be afraid of making financial decisions. He explained that I had to be honest with myself when it came to money. I strongly hold onto his financial wisdom in my mind still.

As for peers, there were plenty who were intelligent, bright, driven, passionate, interesting, and sweet. I made some amazing friends who I still talk to today. In the dorms, late at night, we would usually hang out in the lounge and talk. Sometimes, we would go out to eat. Those moments seemed priceless.

Yet, there were negatives in college, which made me excited to graduate. There were plenty of people who were dull and depressing. These people were truly losers. Harsh of me to say, but it was the truth. They had the nerve to shove the idea of law school down my throat. I just told them to shut up and they were shocked by my treatment toward them. They clearly wanted me to live a miserable life like them. These people had nothing to offer.

Even in the classroom, some of my professors would try to discourage my way of expressing myself. They would write very negative comments on my papers and force me to change my voice in my writing. I received little respect for my opinion or analysis from my professors. However, I realized that these professors were excellent at bsing. I became aware to ignore their opinion of me.

Once graduation arrived, I was so happy to be done with school. I was eager to not have to deal with academia anymore. Not have to interact with uninteresting people in my department (harsh I know, but it is the truth). No more irreverent information from professors.

Since graduation, I have been breathing again. There is nobody to pollute my mind. I can focus on myself fully now.

Body Rebelling

Whenever I got home from school, I would be starving. Looking through my kitchen, there would be pasta, rice, and other ingredients to make dinner. However, I did not feel like cooking.

Instead, I would go on GrubHub! GrubHub made life easy by providing information on which restaurants did delivery. The service also calculated the total bill including tip and tax. I was one happy camper when I ate my fried cheese wontons.

Eating greasy food was no big deal growing up. My body seemed to be okay with it. I ate whatever I wanted.

However, now my body is rebelling against me. Whenever I eat too much junk food, my body shut down on me. I become very tired and ill.

My body will no longer tolerate my horrible eating habits. Now, I am adapting healthier food options in my life. For example, I have recently started eating yogurt with granola for breakfast.  That has made me feel more fresh in the morning.

Reducing my consumption of red meat has happened too. I used to eat bacon all the time, but I now avoid buying it when grocery shopping. Meat is still a major part of my diet, but I generally stick to chicken or fish now.

Soda is one thing I have been cutting back on too. I used to drink a lot of it because it would keep me going in classes. Well, I have realized that I feel a lot more energetic when I do not drink it. I still drink a can or two a week, but my health is a lot better now.

Taking my health for granted is something I now try to stop. I need to start treating my body well or else I will not age well. If I do not improve my physical health, I might not be able to live a full life.

Entering the Unknown

Growing up, you were probably told that college would be the best time of your life. Your parents and teachers probably told you that college was all about football games, parties, and exams. However, they did not mention how life would turn out after college.

Well, I am in the position of transitioning into adulthood after college. So far, I have realized that there are a lot of things people did not tell me, especially financial planning. Budgeting and investing are complicated concepts for me. So much information out there and I am trying to figure it all out.


Creating a life plan is a daunting task since so many unknown variables are into play. Yet, I feel rather excited about jumping into things. People view my attitude of living by the moment crazy, but I do not care.

Don’t get me wrong. I often question my choices, especially when my friends are already starting their careers. However, I know that I have to start following my gut.

I have realized that my life does not end at college. My learning does not stop in the classroom.There is a lot of things for me to experience in the world. I am not afraid.

Great Wall 021


Hi everyone,

I have started this blog to share my experience in life since graduating college. My purpose behind this blog is to show that not everyone follows the expected path of graduating from college, find
ing a job, getting married, and then having kids. Now, it is quite Spring Break 2015 591common to find young people following unconventional paths.

In term of content, I will blog about traveling and learning how to be an adult. However, I plan to have friends and others contribute their stories too. This blog is meant to be a safe haven for people to share their stories.