Entering the Unknown

Growing up, you were probably told that college would be the best time of your life. Your parents and teachers probably told you that college was all about football games, parties, and exams. However, they did not mention how life would turn out after college.

Well, I am in the position of transitioning into adulthood after college. So far, I have realized that there are a lot of things people did not tell me, especially financial planning. Budgeting and investing are complicated concepts for me. So much information out there and I am trying to figure it all out.


Creating a life plan is a daunting task since so many unknown variables are into play. Yet, I feel rather excited about jumping into things. People view my attitude of living by the moment crazy, but I do not care.

Don’t get me wrong. I often question my choices, especially when my friends are already starting their careers. However, I know that I have to start following my gut.

I have realized that my life does not end at college. My learning does not stop in the classroom.There is a lot of things for me to experience in the world. I am not afraid.

Great Wall 021


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