Body Rebelling

Whenever I got home from school, I would be starving. Looking through my kitchen, there would be pasta, rice, and other ingredients to make dinner. However, I did not feel like cooking.

Instead, I would go on GrubHub! GrubHub made life easy by providing information on which restaurants did delivery. The service also calculated the total bill including tip and tax. I was one happy camper when I ate my fried cheese wontons.

Eating greasy food was no big deal growing up. My body seemed to be okay with it. I ate whatever I wanted.

However, now my body is rebelling against me. Whenever I eat too much junk food, my body shut down on me. I become very tired and ill.

My body will no longer tolerate my horrible eating habits. Now, I am adapting healthier food options in my life. For example, I have recently started eating yogurt with granola for breakfast.  That has made me feel more fresh in the morning.

Reducing my consumption of red meat has happened too. I used to eat bacon all the time, but I now avoid buying it when grocery shopping. Meat is still a major part of my diet, but I generally stick to chicken or fish now.

Soda is one thing I have been cutting back on too. I used to drink a lot of it because it would keep me going in classes. Well, I have realized that I feel a lot more energetic when I do not drink it. I still drink a can or two a week, but my health is a lot better now.

Taking my health for granted is something I now try to stop. I need to start treating my body well or else I will not age well. If I do not improve my physical health, I might not be able to live a full life.


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