Breathing Again

Yesterday, I ate pho with a pal from college. She just recently became a teacher and was telling me how much she loved teaching her little ones. We chatted about all the traveling we did this summer. That conversation made me feel that we were back in college, yet we were no longer students.

The idea of not returning to school is a sign of relief. As fun as college was, I am so happy to be done with school. I cannot stand the idea of being in a lecture ever again or having to write pointless papers.

College was amazing by providing me the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable professors, who also provided life advice too. One professor taught me to not be afraid of making financial decisions. He explained that I had to be honest with myself when it came to money. I strongly hold onto his financial wisdom in my mind still.

As for peers, there were plenty who were intelligent, bright, driven, passionate, interesting, and sweet. I made some amazing friends who I still talk to today. In the dorms, late at night, we would usually hang out in the lounge and talk. Sometimes, we would go out to eat. Those moments seemed priceless.

Yet, there were negatives in college, which made me excited to graduate. There were plenty of people who were dull and depressing. These people were truly losers. Harsh of me to say, but it was the truth. They had the nerve to shove the idea of law school down my throat. I just told them to shut up and they were shocked by my treatment toward them. They clearly wanted me to live a miserable life like them. These people had nothing to offer.

Even in the classroom, some of my professors would try to discourage my way of expressing myself. They would write very negative comments on my papers and force me to change my voice in my writing. I received little respect for my opinion or analysis from my professors. However, I realized that these professors were excellent at bsing. I became aware to ignore their opinion of me.

Once graduation arrived, I was so happy to be done with school. I was eager to not have to deal with academia anymore. Not have to interact with uninteresting people in my department (harsh I know, but it is the truth). No more irreverent information from professors.

Since graduation, I have been breathing again. There is nobody to pollute my mind. I can focus on myself fully now.


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