Ignoring Haters

“You are so stupid, Benny,” is a line I am used to hearing now. People love to tell me how I am ruining my life, yet they refuse to admit their own problems. I choose to ignore them and make fun of them. So mean of me, but they deserve to be made fun of.

Growing up, I used to crack under others’ expectations. Peers would make fun of the way I talked or acted. I would become very self-conscious of how I presented myself. Socializing became a scary task for me.

Even my teachers would say snarky comments to my face and behind my back. I had an English teacher in high school who would criticize my writing skills and whenever I asked her why, she would give me her death stare. She should be grateful that I never called her out on her tacky fashion style (No joke. She wore grey slacks with a light color purple cotton t-shirt).  Luckily, I never saw that awful woman after high school.

When I reached college, I thought that people would be more open-minded than my peers in high schools. Sadly, my classmates would say very racist and rude statements indirectly to me. They would say, “No offence, Benny, but Chinese people are robots.” I could not believe that they would say that to me. It was worse with my professors who would say the most messed up things ever.  One time, my professor screamed, “The Chinese are going to take over!” I officially lost all respect for that person.

On a personal level, people would tell me that I would fail in life. One clear example was when I was telling people that I was going to study abroad in China. Instead of showing support, they said, “Beijing is dirty. Why would you go there?” That made me realized that these people were weighing my life down.

Now, I know that people will continue to hate, but I have to ignore them. I understand that these people hate because they live a sad, pathetic life. That is why they are losers! I am so glad that I kicked them out of my life.

I now do not worry about others’ opinions. When it comes down to it, it is up to me to live my life. I refuse to let haters to dictate my life.


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