This morning, I woke up and was making some green tea. Just chilling. Out of nowhere, my pal called me if I was interested in getting breakfast with her. I whispered, “Yeah, let’s go.”

My friend drove us to a restaurant called Jelly near the University of Denver (DU). The bright orange wall caught my eyes when I entered Jelly. My eyes quickly noticed that there were classic cereal boxes on the wall, including a Star Trek one of Spock! Sadly, I could not get a good picture of that box from where I was sitting.

The first thing we received was our water. My friend was disappointed that it came in plastic cups because it is not usually how they serve it. However, when our waiter came, he notified us that they had brought out more of their special glass, which are mason jars! He then replaced our plastic cups with clear mason jars filled with refreshing water. It gave such a quaint feel as if we were in the country side instead of busy Denver.

When our waiter asked us what we wanted to drink, I asked him what was their specialty. He happily responded, “The latte is very good, especially with coconut and toffee nut!” I screamed, “I want that!”

There were so many delicious choices on the menu and I could not decide what to get. My friend advised me to get the haco chili Benedict, which had chorizo in it. I could not wait to get it!

While waiting for our food, my friend and I were talking about job searching situation. I expressed the amount of rejections I was receiving. She then talked about her own struggles too. I was relieved that I was not the only one figuring out a career move.

Our food arrived! The English muffins were covered with the haco chili! So beautiful! I immediately took a bite and was in heaven! The rustic potatoes were crunchy, but had a simple taste to them. 

Jelly was a great restaurant for brunch! The food was so fresh and light. I will for sure come back.


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