Rejection Sucks

“Thank you for applying, but we feel that your skills do not meet our needs,” is never a fun line to read. So far, my job search has not been going so well (not trying to sound negative and please don’t pity). Part of me want to hide under my bed sheets and stuff my face with chocolate.

Rejection sucks, but that is part of life. It is a hard lesson to learn. I often question if my resume, cover letter, or personality is the reason why I not receiving any interviews or offers. Doubt starts sinking in.

My life feels stuck when there is no job offer. I wonder how I am going to financially support myself or chase my dreams. My “career” seems impossible to start.

As much as each rejection hurts, I have realized that it was not meant to be (cliche as that sounds), but it is true. Life is probably sending me a message to look at a different path to reach my goal or pursue something else. Adulthood is tough, but I have to keep on going.


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