Exercising Finally

“I’m going to work out!” That was what I told myself in college. I always planned on going to the gym after class, but I never did. My motivation was low and I would end up napping.

It wasn’t until recently that I decided to exercise finally. For the last few weeks, I have been jogging in the morning. Never would I have thought that I would get my butt up early at seven am for a morning workout.

On my first day, I was struggling to push myself. I was breathing hard; my body was aching. Once ten minutes hit, I stopped. Bending down on my knees, I questioned why I was doing this to myself.

My mind thought, “Give up. This is too much.” I was going to until I reminded myself that I wanted to improve my health. The next morning, I moved my legs quickly and jogged for twenty minutes outside. A huge desire was burning inside of me to get myself in shape.

Since my first week of jogging, I have been keeping it up. Slowly, I have been building up my endurance and speed. Twenty minutes no longer feels painful for me. I am aiming to do other exercises in the future.


Stimulating the Mind

The structure of school is instilled in us from a young age: classes, essays, exams, and readings. Teachers expose us to different subjects, such as the founding of the United States. We are told of what we are supposed to do.

We no longer have the structure to lean on after college. There is no professor to tell you what you are supposed to learn. Cultivating your desire to learn becomes less important when life throws things at you like bills. You become focus on working, which then makes it hard for you to care about developing your mind.

I fell into this trap after graduation. I was so happy to not have to write pointless essays anymore. No more wasting my time researching things I did not care about. However, I started to feel bored and uninspired.

Part of me questioned what I was supposed to do with myself. I could not think of any task to do. Just laying in my bed, I just stared at the ceiling. I thought, “What am I supposed to do?”

Later in the summer, it dawn on me that I had not written for myself in a long time. I always wrote to please professors in college. It was time for me to write for fun again. However, I wanted to challenge myself again.

Getting on my laptop, I decided to google writing opportunities. Writing contests kept popping up. So, I clicked on those links and read about the contests. That moment made me decide to enter these contests.

I could not be anymore happier about my decision to compete in writing contests. It has made me use my mind again. I have been writing materials and getting my friends to review my work. So far, I feel so stimulated again.

The most important lesson I have learned: Your learning does not stop at the classroom. You have to find ways to challenge yourself. It is up to you to figure out how to stimulate your mind.

Embracing Green Tea

A bright yellow light hit my eyes. Slowly, I open my eyes and roll my head over to check the time on my phone. Morning. Could careless to get up, but the luxury of sleeping in is no longer available.

In the kitchen, I put some water in the kettle. Waiting for it to boil, I grab the green tea with ginger bag. After pouring the hot water in my cup with the tea bag, I hold the cup and the smell hit my nose. I smile with a big grin and close my eyes before taking a sip.

Drinking green tea everyday is not a habit I regularly did before. Before, I would drink at least a can of soda everyday (so bad, but I did not care). Whenever I had to write papers, I would be up drinking over two cans. All that sugar kept me going, which I needed to endure boring lectures and school assignments.

However, since graduating college, my body has been fighting against me whenever I consume so much sugar. I become very tired and cranky. My energy level is so low that it is a struggle for me to function.

To change my habit, I have been substituting soda with green tea. Green tea has been shown to provide a variety of healthy benefits such as reducing cholesterol. Since drinking green tea, I have been feeling a lot more energetic and happier.

When I am writing or reading, I always have a cup of green tea on my desk. Drinking green tea eases my mind. I lose myself in my work while ignoring my phone.

Embracing green tea has been my life more enjoyable.