Finding Your Voice

The task of finding your voice tends to be a complicated process. You first wonder what it means to have a voice. Even if you know what it means, you can get confused by listening to others who think they know you.

I have struggled to develop my voice. Growing up, I had no idea what my voice was. People kept telling me how I should act. Even in college, my professors strongly told me that my thinking was awful. They almost made me think that their bs style was the best (it turned out that some of my professors lacked originality and creativity). 

Now I have a better idea what my voice is. It has taken me trial and error to find it. This is how I found it:

1. Why do you care to have a voice?

I have realized that you have to have a reason for wanting a voice or else you will drown in confusion.

2. What is the end goal?

Having a clear goal better informs you on who you are trying to talk to.

3. Stop giving a fuck who people think.

It is so easy to let others’ opinions overwhelm you. You have to learn not to take things personally.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others.

I was guilty of comparing myself to others. Self-doubts were strong because I feared that I was not doing enough. It dawn on me that I had to stop thinking that I was doing a shitty job.

5. Keep it moving.

You are bound to have some missteps along the road, but you just have to keep it moving.

By my struggles of figuring out what I feel or think about things, I am getting closer to finding my voice. 


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