Five Life Lessons

Since graduating college, I have learned some important life lessons.

1. GPA doesn’t matter

Even though I graduated with Cum Laude, no one really cares. In all of my job interviews, no one has asked me about my GPA. They generally want to know more about my experience and skills set.

2. You have to negotiate 

Money is an uncomfortable topic for people. When an employer asks you for your pay rate, don’t ever underestimate yourself. If you don’t take value in yourself, people will lowball you with the pay.

3. Handle rejection with grace and class

Rejection is never fun, but it’s a part of life. It’s okay occasionally to have a pity party, but you have to eventually pick yourself up.

4. Beware of your social media behavior

Socia media is a lot of fun, but you have to be careful with what you post. If you post anything disrespectful about your boss, you can be fired. Whenever you are about to post something, ask yourself if you’re okay with anyone seeing it.

5. Tons of people aren’t meant to stay in your life long-term

Plenty of people will enter your life, but you won’t stay in touch with them. That is okay. Each person teaches us an important life lesson. 


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