Not Running Away From Student Loans

For the last few months, I kept getting emails about paying back my loans. I chose to ignore them. The thought of paying my loans scared me to death.

I would rather hide under my blanket and pretend that my loans did not exist.

However, yesterday I got the email again about the due date approaching. I finally decided to set-up my repayment plan. The whole process of setting up everything wasn’t so bad.

Taking out these loans were my only way to attend college, even after getting scholarships and grants. My liberal arts college provided the best financial aid package out of the colleges I got accepted to; it gave me more money than my state school.

In college, the idea of paying back my loans was the last on my mind. I was focus on getting the most out of my education. College went by quickly and the loan repayment due date started appearing fast.

Paying back any debt is a part of growing up. It sucks, but we are obligated to do so. I’m grateful that I was able to go to college.


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