Style Guide For Lazy Dressers

Fashion and style seem to be odd subjects for people to comprehend. Trends are constantly around us. We question what is in and what is out.

Yet, style is not really difficult to pull off.

Here is some basic guidelines on style:

1. Invest in classics

Classic items, such as jeans, khaki pants, t-shirt, dressed shirt, and trench coat, never go out of style. They can be worn all year.

jeremy young streetwear.jpg
British model Jeremy Young

2. Bulk up on neutral colors

Your main clothing articles should be in in neutral colors (black, white, gray, blue, cream, and brown). Neutral colors can be worn in any season.

Robbie Wadge

3. Wear colorful accessories

Wearing colors can make people afraid of looking odd. The best way to wear colors is by accessories like scarves, gloves, hates, bags, or shoes. Having a colorful accessory on adds a blast of color to your outfit.


4. Incorporate different textures

Textures are a great way to change up your visual appearance. For example, try on a sweater with a basket weaving look.


5. Be adventurous with patterns

Patterns can give a nice twist to an outfit. A pattern jacket is great for fall and winter. Another great idea is a plaid shirt because it’s a simple pattern for anyone to wear.


Financial tip: be careful with spending too much money on clothes. Don’t waste $2o dollars for a t-shirt. You can go get t-shirts for less than 5 dollars. You can find great items in the clearance sections at department stores too.



How To Edit Instagram Pictures

Instagram is the place to show off your pictures.

However, showing unedited pics is not appealing.

To edit Instagram pics, I recommend using the free mobile app VSCO.

Here is how I use VSCO:

1. Upload unedited pic on VSCO


2. Click on edit options


3. Use perspective options


I use the vertical perspective to straighten out my image.

4. Crop


I delete any empty space I don’t want.

5. Use clarity, sharpen, saturation, shadows save, highlights save or any edit options




I generally play around with any edits to make my picture look brighter and clearer. It’s all trial and error. Don’t overthink with the editing.

6. Upload the VSCO pic on Instagram



7. Use Instagram filter


8. Write caption and include hashtags



Becoming Happy

Buddha teaches us that suffering comes from our desires. We want what we can’t have. Frustrations come in when we can’t have it. Yet, if we do get what we want, we can end up feeling empty. That leads us to the question: how do we become happy? The truth: we have to remember that we’ll be fine no matter what. As the new year is coming, be grateful for everything that happened this year, including the small victories.

How To Write A Career Related Email

From my experience of emailing unknown people for career advice or anything related, I have learned how to write an email well to get a response.

1. Keep it short

Don’t write a long email. Nobody got time for that. Try to keep it to a paragraph.

2. Use formalities

Address the person with Mr. or Ms. End your email with “Best,” “Best regards,” or “Sincerely.”

3. Include the person’s work

Make sure to have at least a sentence mentioning the person’s work. People get excited when you mention something they did. That shows them that you took the time to research them.

4. Be clear with your intentions

State your reason for contacting the person. You have to explain what you want to learn from the person.

5. Respond quickly

If the person actually responds to your email, email him or her at that moment. Remember, people are being nice to take time out of their schedule to answer your email.

Five Things I Learned In College

It has been over six months since I graduated college. I am slowly figuring out my life. I am glad that I went to college because I learned a lot from it.

Me in Beijing

Here are five things I learned in college:

  1. Always be curious

People prefer to stick to one thing only. That causes them to not branch off. In life, you should always be striving to learn more. Never be afraid to learn a new skill or experience something different, such as traveling on your own for the first time.

Kashgar, China
  1. Communication is important

If you have a problem with people, you have to tell them. Passive aggressive attitude will get you nowhere. When you tell people the issue, explain why it bothers you.

  1. Be organized

Life loves to throw things at us, but you have to stay organized. You have to know when work assignments are due. If you drop the ball, you will get in trouble.

The Book Bar in Denver
  1. Advocate for yourself

Before college, I was a mouse. When I got to college, I quickly realized that I had to speak up. If you don’t stand up for yourself, you will get disrespected.


  1. Give people a chance
With my friends Lily and Bethany at Beijing University (Bei Da)

Socializing can be one of the scariest things possible, but you can’t be shy. People are not here to bite you. You can’t truly know people until you get to know them. Never be afraid to say hi first.