How To Write A Career Related Email

From my experience of emailing unknown people for career advice or anything related, I have learned how to write an email well to get a response.

1. Keep it short

Don’t write a long email. Nobody got time for that. Try to keep it to a paragraph.

2. Use formalities

Address the person with Mr. or Ms. End your email with “Best,” “Best regards,” or “Sincerely.”

3. Include the person’s work

Make sure to have at least a sentence mentioning the person’s work. People get excited when you mention something they did. That shows them that you took the time to research them.

4. Be clear with your intentions

State your reason for contacting the person. You have to explain what you want to learn from the person.

5. Respond quickly

If the person actually responds to your email, email him or her at that moment. Remember, people are being nice to take time out of their schedule to answer your email.


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