Don’t Settle On Love

Last night, I was treating myself to some chicken pad Thai with a friend from college. She and I were chatting about life. Regret was the common theme.


Regret in the sense of settling instead of trying. We would rather fail than regret not doing something.

Not surprising, the idea of regret came out of our conversation on dating! In all seriousness, if you settle on a guy who treats you like trash, that’s your fault. Your fault on wasting your time.

My friend and I agreed that we would rather be alone than waste our time on somebody who is clearly wrong for us.

Love is a difficult thing to get. We have a desire to find the “one.” Sadly, it has proven to be a challenge.

The fear of being alone is strong. We are afraid that if we leave, that person would never come back to us.

However, you end up regretting not leaving if the relationship turns out to be miserable.

Don’t ever settle on love.


You’re Getting Old When…

Two nights ago, I was talking with a friend on the phone. We were chatting until we expressed how tired we were. “What happened to us?” I asked. “We are old now! We can’t wait to sleep now.” My friend laughed so hard at my statement.

It hasn’t been a year since graduating, yet the signs of getting old are hitting me.

1. Eating greasy food grosses you out

I loved eating greasy food because it made me fell full and happy. In college, I regularly ordered takeout.

Now, I want to vomit if I eat too much junk food or takeout.

2. Watching Netflix over clubbing

In college, I barely cared to go to the club unless my friends dragged me. The club was fun since I was with my friends.

However, I now don’t care for clubbing. I can’t stand the idea of being in a crowded room with drunk people spilling their drinks on me. On top of that, listening to lousy music bores me.

I would rather be at home watching Netflix than be at the club.

3. Sleep is your favorite activity

Staying up late was no big deal in college. I’d run late night runs to Taco Bell with friends. We would eat in a lounge on campus and didn’t go to sleep till late in the morning. That would cause us to go to class with little sleep.

My bed now makes me excited at the end of the day.

4. Shopping for classy items

Forever21 was my go to shopping place. I found cheap items there and they worked for class.Trendy items were my fashion focus.

Since graduating, my friends and I have been adapting classy items in our wardrobe. Time is limited when you have to go from work to a dinner with friends. You simply don’t have time to change outfits.

5. Slang no longer makes sense

I still use plenty of slang in my daily talks, but I’m starting to not understand current slang. Teenagers now no longer making sense to me. I get confused on what they’re saying!

Committing These Beauty Care Mistakes

Acne is the common enemy of most people; it has been a huge pain of mine. My skin has gone from super disgusting to okay and then bad again.

The way that I treated my skin was the main reason for my bad skin.

I have committed these terrible beauty care mistakes:

1. Over exfoliating the face

I had no idea that exfoliating your face too much can actually lead to breakouts. In college, I washed my face twice a day everyday and my skin experienced dryness. Exfoliating your skin is important to remove dirt, but over doing it will  strip the nutrition out of your skin.

Now, I exfoliate every other night and my skin has been a lot smoother.

2. Not changing up products

My friend was surprised when I told her that I was using the same products for a year. She explained to me that I should be using different products every four months. The face get used to them over time, which makes them less effective.

3. Not putting Vaseline on before bed

My lips are normally dry. Recently, I’ve been putting Vaseline on my lips before going to bed. My lips aren’t so dry in the morning anymore.

Finally Reading For Pleasure

As a student, I wasn’t a fan of reading. I read as slow as a snail.

In college, I skimmed (or not read at all) most of my assigned readings. My textbooks would have notes on the margins.

During my free time, I didn’t care to read any literature. My mind was burnt out from a long day of classes. All I wanted to do at night was either read or watch some anime.

Since graduating college, I’ve developed a desire to read literature. Literature shows how the characters are feeling or thinking about the challenges they face. You become engage with the words on the page by questioning the motives of the characters.

The recent book I read was The Executioner’s Song by Norman Mailer. I was amazed by Mailer’s ability to create a narrative of the murder Gary Gilmore. The book provided the struggles that Gilmore endured growing up and the various people in his life, especially his lover Nicole.

I still can’t believe that I actually read the 1000 pages of The Executioner’s Song. Massive books used to intimidate me because I feared that I would quit halfway. However, the novel was compelling due to how it provided different viewpoints of the characters.

Lately, I’ve been watching “Shadowhunters”, which has made me begin reading The City of Bones. I’ve figured that I should actually read the books to check if the show follows the books.

As a college graduate, I’ve realized that reading is a task to put time aside to do.

Never Undervalue A Lazy Sunday

This morning, I stayed in bed and wasted time on Facebook for an hour. Finally, I got up and saw how much clothes were in my laundry basket. I dragged my laundry basket to the washer.

Laundry is the most basic task to do, yet I feel so accomplished when I do it. A lot of people postpone doing laundry for weeks. This is out of plain laziness.

For the rest of today, I basically did nothing, except watched some Netflix.

There is no shame of having a lazy Sunday.