Don’t Settle On Love

Last night, I was treating myself to some chicken pad Thai with a friend from college. She and I were chatting about life. Regret was the common theme.


Regret in the sense of settling instead of trying. We would rather fail than regret not doing something.

Not surprising, the idea of regret came out of our conversation on dating! In all seriousness, if you settle on a guy who treats you like trash, that’s your fault. Your fault on wasting your time.

My friend and I agreed that we would rather be alone than waste our time on somebody who is clearly wrong for us.

Love is a difficult thing to get. We have a desire to find the “one.” Sadly, it has proven to be a challenge.

The fear of being alone is strong. We are afraid that if we leave, that person would never come back to us.

However, you end up regretting not leaving if the relationship turns out to be miserable.

Don’t ever settle on love.


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