Finally Jumping On the Korean Beauty Care Madness

This isn’t a paid sponsored post. I’ve included links to the products in case people were interested. The pics of my face are completely unedited.

When I visited Seoul for vacation during my junior year of college, advertisements of skin care, including for men, were everywhere.

I quickly realized how much Koreans value physical beauty.


While visiting somebody at Korea University, a foreign girl told me a crazy fact: In Korea, people will sue a cosmetic company if the product doesn’t work. When she told me that, I thought that was extreme. That wouldn’t normally happen in America.

I completely forgot about Korean beauty products until the former academic dean from my study abroad program in Beijing sent me an article about guys doing the Korean beauty care routine. My jaw dropped when I read about guys using five different products in the morning and night. I thought, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Korean beauty care wasn’t on my mind until I read article on recommended Korean products.

Dealing with terrible skin has been a normal part of my life. During the summers, my skin got so oily. Besides summer times, my skin would be so dry and rough. Having dark circles did not help much.

My face before trying Glow Recipe

I decided to click on it and found out about the company Glow Recipe. I browsed through their website and was amazed how much info they had on routines and what products to use.

After doing a Google search on Glow Recipe, I found a video they did with the YouTube Channel DramaFever.

The co-founders were educating the guys, who clearly knew nothing about skin care (I’m guilty of this too). When founders Sarah and Christine brought out the kelp mask, I so wanted it.

I got online and found the kelp mask. When I saw the price tag, I thought, “$14 for a face mask?!? It better be worth it.” That seemed a bit expensive, but the mask seemed to worked on the guy in the video. So, I decided to splurge on it to try it once.


A week later my package from Glow Recipe arrived.


To my surprise, they gave me a few samples.


My first step was applying the trans form cleaning oil.


I was always told that oil was bad for the skin. Until I read online that using oil helps clean the skin and preventing it from getting dry.

I applied the trans form cleaning oil over my face before wetting my hands to scrub my face. Then I rinsed my face before patting it dry with a towel. Patting the face prevents the face from getting roughed up.

Finally, I decided to try the kelp face mask. When I opened it, it for sure smelt like the sea. The face mask was a bit sticky due to the bamboo serum.

While wearing the face mask for 15 minutes, I sent a pic of me wearing it to my friend.


She texted, “Hahahahahah you look like a sea monster!!”

After 15 minutes, I peeled the mask off. Then I patted the leftover serum on top of my face.

The next morning, my skin wasn’t feeling dry anymore! The $14 was worth it.


I was quite pleased so much with the kelp mask, I’ve decided to add the 8 kelp masks for $40 deal to my shopping cart on the website. I plan to buy it once I get my next paycheck!





Committing These Beauty Care Mistakes

Acne is the common enemy of most people; it has been a huge pain of mine. My skin has gone from super disgusting to okay and then bad again.

The way that I treated my skin was the main reason for my bad skin.

I have committed these terrible beauty care mistakes:

1. Over exfoliating the face

I had no idea that exfoliating your face too much can actually lead to breakouts. In college, I washed my face twice a day everyday and my skin experienced dryness. Exfoliating your skin is important to remove dirt, but over doing it will  strip the nutrition out of your skin.

Now, I exfoliate every other night and my skin has been a lot smoother.

2. Not changing up products

My friend was surprised when I told her that I was using the same products for a year. She explained to me that I should be using different products every four months. The face get used to them over time, which makes them less effective.

3. Not putting Vaseline on before bed

My lips are normally dry. Recently, I’ve been putting Vaseline on my lips before going to bed. My lips aren’t so dry in the morning anymore.

Top 5 Favorite YouTubers

YouTube is my favorite place to waste time. I have subscribed to YouTubers who are funny and entertaining. Some of them happened to be Jvloggers. I have a desire to visit Japan soon.

Here are my top five favorites YouTubers:

1. Texan in Tokyo

Out of boredom, I was trying to find videos on living in Japan. Grace’s video popped up randomly. Over time, I began watching her videos constantly, especially her “A Day In My Life” series.

A nice bonus is her husband Ryosuke! He breaks the stereotype of Japanese people being robotic.

2. Mimei

Mimei is a New Zealand Jvlogger. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. The silly vibe of her videos make them far more pleasant to watch compared to other Jvloggers.

3. Wengie

Wengie is a YouTuber I discovered last week. Just saw a random video of hers and enjoyed how she shows off her daily life. Her hair is sick! I sometime wish that I had rainbow hair like hers.

4. Clothesencounters

Jenn Im is a fashion YouTuber, who gives excellent style advice. Her videos are structured in a simple way, where she shows full lengths and closeups of her various outfits. She also incorporates her daily life into her videos in an adorable way.

5. Edward Avila

Avila is a Filipino-American who lives in South Korea. He shares his humorous stories of living in Korea, including the time he met Kpop star Taecyeon. Plus, he shares his beauty routines too. I enjoy watching his videos due to his jokey personality. Also, he also experiment with different hairstyles, which are cool.