Top 5 Favorite YouTubers

YouTube is my favorite place to waste time. I have subscribed to YouTubers who are funny and entertaining. Some of them happened to be Jvloggers. I have a desire to visit Japan soon.

Here are my top five favorites YouTubers:

1. Texan in Tokyo

Out of boredom, I was trying to find videos on living in Japan. Grace’s video popped up randomly. Over time, I began watching her videos constantly, especially her “A Day In My Life” series.

A nice bonus is her husband Ryosuke! He breaks the stereotype of Japanese people being robotic.

2. Mimei

Mimei is a New Zealand Jvlogger. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. The silly vibe of her videos make them far more pleasant to watch compared to other Jvloggers.

3. Wengie

Wengie is a YouTuber I discovered last week. Just saw a random video of hers and enjoyed how she shows off her daily life. Her hair is sick! I sometime wish that I had rainbow hair like hers.

4. Clothesencounters

Jenn Im is a fashion YouTuber, who gives excellent style advice. Her videos are structured in a simple way, where she shows full lengths and closeups of her various outfits. She also incorporates her daily life into her videos in an adorable way.

5. Edward Avila

Avila is a Filipino-American who lives in South Korea. He shares his humorous stories of living in Korea, including the time he met Kpop star Taecyeon. Plus, he shares his beauty routines too. I enjoy watching his videos due to his jokey personality. Also, he also experiment with different hairstyles, which are cool.


Style Guide For Lazy Dressers

Fashion and style seem to be odd subjects for people to comprehend. Trends are constantly around us. We question what is in and what is out.

Yet, style is not really difficult to pull off.

Here is some basic guidelines on style:

1. Invest in classics

Classic items, such as jeans, khaki pants, t-shirt, dressed shirt, and trench coat, never go out of style. They can be worn all year.

jeremy young streetwear.jpg
British model Jeremy Young

2. Bulk up on neutral colors

Your main clothing articles should be in in neutral colors (black, white, gray, blue, cream, and brown). Neutral colors can be worn in any season.

Robbie Wadge

3. Wear colorful accessories

Wearing colors can make people afraid of looking odd. The best way to wear colors is by accessories like scarves, gloves, hates, bags, or shoes. Having a colorful accessory on adds a blast of color to your outfit.


4. Incorporate different textures

Textures are a great way to change up your visual appearance. For example, try on a sweater with a basket weaving look.


5. Be adventurous with patterns

Patterns can give a nice twist to an outfit. A pattern jacket is great for fall and winter. Another great idea is a plaid shirt because it’s a simple pattern for anyone to wear.


Financial tip: be careful with spending too much money on clothes. Don’t waste $2o dollars for a t-shirt. You can go get t-shirts for less than 5 dollars. You can find great items in the clearance sections at department stores too.