Walking Is My Time To Reflect

It has been over a month since I last blogged. I was going through a lot in the last month. A lot of emotional and personal matters.

I felt that I had nothing to say.

I was living my life on autopilot.

It was until yesterday that I began to get myself off of autopilot. It was sunny outside and I decided to go outside for a walk. I hadn’t walked outside in months since I drove everywhere.

When I was walking, I noticed how big and green the trees were. I breathed in the fresh air. I completely ignored my phone.

While I was walking, thoughts began to popped up on my mind. I questioned where I was going with my life. I wondered when my dreams would happen (Dealing with doubts have been my greatest weakness because I worry a lot).

It wasn’t until I remembered that I should stop worrying. I won’t deny that being patient isn’t my greatest thing. But life has presented things in unusual ways. Those unusual ways make me more excited and happy for those moments.

Walking is my time to reflect and appreciate the good things in my life.


Lessons Learned From First Year Out of College

It has almost been a year since graduating college. The first year after college proved to be a huge adjustment. Becoming an adult has turned out to be rather overrated.

But I have learned some important lessons.

1. Exercise is a must

I’m very lazy when it comes to exercising. Getting my butt up is such a hassle. But I have realized that I have to move my body or else I will get fat.

To avoid sitting all day, I take a walk outside. This allows me to breathe in fresh air and appreciate Mother Nature.

2. Care about what you’re putting in your body

Eating junk food was my favorite activity growing up. In college, I stuffed my face due to the stress.

After graduating, I began to feel rather sleepy and sick when I ate too much greasy food. Now, I only eat fast food to twice a week. I drink tea daily too.

3. Make time for others

In school, people are right there to hang out. Once you hit the real world, you classmates are not physically there. They become busy with their own jobs and lives.

That is why you have to put in the effort to reconnect with others or else your friendships will slowly fall apart.

4. Keep learning

It’s easy to let your brain rot after college. That is why you have to keep your learning up. However, learning doesn’t have to be in a classroom. You can take online courses for free or take part in a community based class. Traveling is another great option too.

5. Focus on your goals

You’ll probably face plenty of rejection. I’ve received so many no or things didn’t work out. Yet, you can’t quit. People who succeed are the ones who keep going.


Get Used To Not Knowing

There is no guide on how to live or even plan life after college.

As much as we want to control things, life won’t work the way we want it to. It is a hard lesson to swallow. I for one have been struggling with it the most. 

Not knowing is quite scary. Questions start popping on what will happen next. Most of the time, the answer won’t appear until it happens.

But, we should not stress out on not knowing. We should embrace the present. Whatever happens next, embrace it. 

You’re Getting Old When…

Two nights ago, I was talking with a friend on the phone. We were chatting until we expressed how tired we were. “What happened to us?” I asked. “We are old now! We can’t wait to sleep now.” My friend laughed so hard at my statement.

It hasn’t been a year since graduating, yet the signs of getting old are hitting me.

1. Eating greasy food grosses you out

I loved eating greasy food because it made me fell full and happy. In college, I regularly ordered takeout.

Now, I want to vomit if I eat too much junk food or takeout.

2. Watching Netflix over clubbing

In college, I barely cared to go to the club unless my friends dragged me. The club was fun since I was with my friends.

However, I now don’t care for clubbing. I can’t stand the idea of being in a crowded room with drunk people spilling their drinks on me. On top of that, listening to lousy music bores me.

I would rather be at home watching Netflix than be at the club.

3. Sleep is your favorite activity

Staying up late was no big deal in college. I’d run late night runs to Taco Bell with friends. We would eat in a lounge on campus and didn’t go to sleep till late in the morning. That would cause us to go to class with little sleep.

My bed now makes me excited at the end of the day.

4. Shopping for classy items

Forever21 was my go to shopping place. I found cheap items there and they worked for class.Trendy items were my fashion focus.

Since graduating, my friends and I have been adapting classy items in our wardrobe. Time is limited when you have to go from work to a dinner with friends. You simply don’t have time to change outfits.

5. Slang no longer makes sense

I still use plenty of slang in my daily talks, but I’m starting to not understand current slang. Teenagers now no longer making sense to me. I get confused on what they’re saying!

Never Undervalue A Lazy Sunday

This morning, I stayed in bed and wasted time on Facebook for an hour. Finally, I got up and saw how much clothes were in my laundry basket. I dragged my laundry basket to the washer.

Laundry is the most basic task to do, yet I feel so accomplished when I do it. A lot of people postpone doing laundry for weeks. This is out of plain laziness.

For the rest of today, I basically did nothing, except watched some Netflix.

There is no shame of having a lazy Sunday.

Five Life Lessons

Since graduating college, I have learned some important life lessons.

1. GPA doesn’t matter

Even though I graduated with Cum Laude, no one really cares. In all of my job interviews, no one has asked me about my GPA. They generally want to know more about my experience and skills set.

2. You have to negotiate 

Money is an uncomfortable topic for people. When an employer asks you for your pay rate, don’t ever underestimate yourself. If you don’t take value in yourself, people will lowball you with the pay.

3. Handle rejection with grace and class

Rejection is never fun, but it’s a part of life. It’s okay occasionally to have a pity party, but you have to eventually pick yourself up.

4. Beware of your social media behavior

Socia media is a lot of fun, but you have to be careful with what you post. If you post anything disrespectful about your boss, you can be fired. Whenever you are about to post something, ask yourself if you’re okay with anyone seeing it.

5. Tons of people aren’t meant to stay in your life long-term

Plenty of people will enter your life, but you won’t stay in touch with them. That is okay. Each person teaches us an important life lesson. 

Finding Your Inner Strength

So many amazing moments have happened to me since May, such as seeing Washington D.C. for the first time. Along with the positive experiences, there have been low points too. With the low points, I have been forced to find my inner strength.

The task of finding a job has been a difficult one. I have applied for a lot of positions and maybe get a few interviews. With each interview, I go in there confidently, but I end up getting rejected.

Getting rejected is never fun. I question why I did not get the position. Taking the rejection is hard, but I can’t dwell on it.

By not getting a job, I worry that my life is not going anywhere. I panic about not advancing with my adulthood. Life has been a roller-coaster ride.

As much as I want to have a pity party, I can’t. I have realized that I have to find my inner strength in order to succeed. Finding it is a difficult task, but I must.

Everyday, I wake up with a positive attitude. I look forward to what will unfold for the day. Keeping my head up is hard, but I refuse to quit.

Recently, I have been fortunate to receive some freelance work. Getting these gigs has boosted my confidence back up. I am very happy right now.

In my process of finding my inner strength, I now understand that inner strength is not just about being strong; it is to guide you on how to find your light in the darkness. Inner strength is knowing that you will be fine no matter what.

Not being Perfect

Perfection is drilled in us at a young age. We are told that we have to get it right the first time. Making a mistake is not considered acceptable. 

Through out my whole life, I have always strived for perfection. That goal has made me successful, but it has made it hard for me to accept failure. I end up feeling deflated.

Now, I know that it is okay to not be perfect. We are human; making mistakes is normal. The most important thing is learning from our mistakes. That is how we learn and grow as people.

I am not saying that you should not strive to do better. You should always want to improve yourself. The most important thing: knowing how to handle rejection and failure gracefully.

It is okay to not be perfect. You should embrace your unique characteristics. Just remember to breathe and live life. 

Rejection Sucks

“Thank you for applying, but we feel that your skills do not meet our needs,” is never a fun line to read. So far, my job search has not been going so well (not trying to sound negative and please don’t pity). Part of me want to hide under my bed sheets and stuff my face with chocolate.

Rejection sucks, but that is part of life. It is a hard lesson to learn. I often question if my resume, cover letter, or personality is the reason why I not receiving any interviews or offers. Doubt starts sinking in.

My life feels stuck when there is no job offer. I wonder how I am going to financially support myself or chase my dreams. My “career” seems impossible to start.

As much as each rejection hurts, I have realized that it was not meant to be (cliche as that sounds), but it is true. Life is probably sending me a message to look at a different path to reach my goal or pursue something else. Adulthood is tough, but I have to keep on going.

Not the Only One

This morning, my friend texted me that she was going to get all you can eat lunch special at a sushi restaurant. She asked if I wanted to join her. I responded with a yes.

My friend is a true foodie because she is not afraid to try anything and she loves to take pictures of her food. Eating with her is always fun. So strange that we have been friends since high school.

While eating, we discussed our struggles of forming a career plan. We both stated our desire to explore different opportunities, especially traveling. I spoke about wanting to live abroad again.

Having lunch with my pal made me realized that I am not the only one in figuring out life. Getting a job is crucial, but I want to experience life. I seek to create memories.