Finally Jumping On the Korean Beauty Care Madness

This isn’t a paid sponsored post. I’ve included links to the products in case people were interested. The pics of my face are completely unedited.

When I visited Seoul for vacation during my junior year of college, advertisements of skin care, including for men, were everywhere.

I quickly realized how much Koreans value physical beauty.


While visiting somebody at Korea University, a foreign girl told me a crazy fact: In Korea, people will sue a cosmetic company if the product doesn’t work. When she told me that, I thought that was extreme. That wouldn’t normally happen in America.

I completely forgot about Korean beauty products until the former academic dean from my study abroad program in Beijing sent me an article about guys doing the Korean beauty care routine. My jaw dropped when I read about guys using five different products in the morning and night. I thought, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Korean beauty care wasn’t on my mind until I read article on recommended Korean products.

Dealing with terrible skin has been a normal part of my life. During the summers, my skin got so oily. Besides summer times, my skin would be so dry and rough. Having dark circles did not help much.

My face before trying Glow Recipe

I decided to click on it and found out about the company Glow Recipe. I browsed through their website and was amazed how much info they had on routines and what products to use.

After doing a Google search on Glow Recipe, I found a video they did with the YouTube Channel DramaFever.

The co-founders were educating the guys, who clearly knew nothing about skin care (I’m guilty of this too). When founders Sarah and Christine brought out the kelp mask, I so wanted it.

I got online and found the kelp mask. When I saw the price tag, I thought, “$14 for a face mask?!? It better be worth it.” That seemed a bit expensive, but the mask seemed to worked on the guy in the video. So, I decided to splurge on it to try it once.


A week later my package from Glow Recipe arrived.


To my surprise, they gave me a few samples.


My first step was applying the trans form cleaning oil.


I was always told that oil was bad for the skin. Until I read online that using oil helps clean the skin and preventing it from getting dry.

I applied the trans form cleaning oil over my face before wetting my hands to scrub my face. Then I rinsed my face before patting it dry with a towel. Patting the face prevents the face from getting roughed up.

Finally, I decided to try the kelp face mask. When I opened it, it for sure smelt like the sea. The face mask was a bit sticky due to the bamboo serum.

While wearing the face mask for 15 minutes, I sent a pic of me wearing it to my friend.


She texted, “Hahahahahah you look like a sea monster!!”

After 15 minutes, I peeled the mask off. Then I patted the leftover serum on top of my face.

The next morning, my skin wasn’t feeling dry anymore! The $14 was worth it.


I was quite pleased so much with the kelp mask, I’ve decided to add the 8 kelp masks for $40 deal to my shopping cart on the website. I plan to buy it once I get my next paycheck!





Walking Is My Time To Reflect

It has been over a month since I last blogged. I was going through a lot in the last month. A lot of emotional and personal matters.

I felt that I had nothing to say.

I was living my life on autopilot.

It was until yesterday that I began to get myself off of autopilot. It was sunny outside and I decided to go outside for a walk. I hadn’t walked outside in months since I drove everywhere.

When I was walking, I noticed how big and green the trees were. I breathed in the fresh air. I completely ignored my phone.

While I was walking, thoughts began to popped up on my mind. I questioned where I was going with my life. I wondered when my dreams would happen (Dealing with doubts have been my greatest weakness because I worry a lot).

It wasn’t until I remembered that I should stop worrying. I won’t deny that being patient isn’t my greatest thing. But life has presented things in unusual ways. Those unusual ways make me more excited and happy for those moments.

Walking is my time to reflect and appreciate the good things in my life.

Podcasts As My New Lectures

Back in February, CollegeFashionista emailed me about their new podcast series. I heard about podcasts as a medium vaguely in the past; they were explained as digital radio interviews.

I listened to Amy Levin’s, founder CollegeFashionista, first interview with Joyce Chang, EIC of Self Magazine. Amy Levin asked Joyce how she pursed a career in journalism. Besides journalism, Joyce shared her new habit of meditating in the morning to clear her mind.

Listening to Joyce’s talking about meditation made me make meditation a daily part of my routine.

The podcast interview showed me how information can be presented differently.

Podcast as a medium taps into the audio senses of the mind. Unlike print, you can actually hear the tone and attitude of a person.

On the contrast with video, you’re only listening instead of letting visuals distract you. When you watch an interview on YouTube, you can’t help judge what a person is wearing. That can distract you from understanding the ideas a person is conveying.

Thanks to CollegeFashionista, I have began listening to other podcasts. My favorite is 88 Cups of Tea by Yin Chang. I remembered Yin Chang as Nelly Yuki on “Gossip Girl”.

To my great surprise, Yin switched from acting to hosting. She interviews various creative minds, especially writers and directors, on how their creative process works. Plus, she asks them to give practical advice on deal with writer’s block, such as which computer programs to use.

Just recently, Yin interviewed David J. Peterson, on how he created the language for “Game of Thrones”. I learned the term conlag, which means a person who invents languages.

My new habit of listening to podcasts has shown me that you don’t have to gain knowledge from a classroom only. Podcasts are a free way to gain others’ knowledge and advice. Plus, they are a lot more enjoyable than a typical college lecture.

I recommend that you take the time to listen to a podcast. You will enjoy it.

Becoming Happy

Buddha teaches us that suffering comes from our desires. We want what we can’t have. Frustrations come in when we can’t have it. Yet, if we do get what we want, we can end up feeling empty. That leads us to the question: how do we become happy? The truth: we have to remember that we’ll be fine no matter what. As the new year is coming, be grateful for everything that happened this year, including the small victories.

Laugh a Little

Bills are piling up. Your parents keep telling you how to live your life. You are constantly feeling the need to be an adult.
People judge you for wanting to “chill.” I have felt the judgement from others. Lately, I question where my life is going. Fears creep in a bit. 

However, yesterday, whiling waiting for a friend, I saw two little kids playing hide and seek with their mom. They were laughing and smiling. Seeing them like that reminded me that life is too short to stress over.

Whenever you are feeling down, just laugh a bit.

What I Would Tell My Teenage Self

Beginning of high school, I planned out the rest of my life: graduate high school with honors, go to college, attend medical school, pursue a medical residency, become a licensed physician, buy a house, and then retire. I pictured myself living in a cozy house in a secluded area. My attitude in life was about getting material goods.

Well, I’m no longer want to do medical school. Instead, I’m pursuing a freelance career, which is the opposite of stability. I have no desire to buy a fancy house.

Now, I want to travel around the world after my amazing year studying in China. There are so many places I want to see, especially Japan and India. Tasting new food and seeing new sites excite me the most.

My teenage self would view my current life as insane, but I’d tell him to chill out. Life is too short to stress out over. Just breathe and enjoy the moment.


Hi everyone,

I have started this blog to share my experience in life since graduating college. My purpose behind this blog is to show that not everyone follows the expected path of graduating from college, find
ing a job, getting married, and then having kids. Now, it is quite Spring Break 2015 591common to find young people following unconventional paths.

In term of content, I will blog about traveling and learning how to be an adult. However, I plan to have friends and others contribute their stories too. This blog is meant to be a safe haven for people to share their stories.