2016: It’s Time To Achieve My Goals

2015 was full of amazing moments, but I’m excited about 2016! This is the year for me to finally pursue my dreams! I have a feeling deep down that things will finally happen. Of course, I’m aware that things won’t happen over night. I am positive and eager for what to come.


What I Would Tell My Teenage Self

Beginning of high school, I planned out the rest of my life: graduate high school with honors, go to college, attend medical school, pursue a medical residency, become a licensed physician, buy a house, and then retire. I pictured myself living in a cozy house in a secluded area. My attitude in life was about getting material goods.

Well, I’m no longer want to do medical school. Instead, I’m pursuing a freelance career, which is the opposite of stability. I have no desire to buy a fancy house.

Now, I want to travel around the world after my amazing year studying in China. There are so many places I want to see, especially Japan and India. Tasting new food and seeing new sites excite me the most.

My teenage self would view my current life as insane, but I’d tell him to chill out. Life is too short to stress out over. Just breathe and enjoy the moment.

Finding Your Inner Strength

So many amazing moments have happened to me since May, such as seeing Washington D.C. for the first time. Along with the positive experiences, there have been low points too. With the low points, I have been forced to find my inner strength.

The task of finding a job has been a difficult one. I have applied for a lot of positions and maybe get a few interviews. With each interview, I go in there confidently, but I end up getting rejected.

Getting rejected is never fun. I question why I did not get the position. Taking the rejection is hard, but I can’t dwell on it.

By not getting a job, I worry that my life is not going anywhere. I panic about not advancing with my adulthood. Life has been a roller-coaster ride.

As much as I want to have a pity party, I can’t. I have realized that I have to find my inner strength in order to succeed. Finding it is a difficult task, but I must.

Everyday, I wake up with a positive attitude. I look forward to what will unfold for the day. Keeping my head up is hard, but I refuse to quit.

Recently, I have been fortunate to receive some freelance work. Getting these gigs has boosted my confidence back up. I am very happy right now.

In my process of finding my inner strength, I now understand that inner strength is not just about being strong; it is to guide you on how to find your light in the darkness. Inner strength is knowing that you will be fine no matter what.