Writer’s Block Is The Worst

Sometimes when I write, my fingers just type out the words within minutes. Then I will have a nice piece of writing. But there are times where I can’t type anything.

I can be starring at my screen for an hour and have nothing typed.

That leads me to be frustrated with myself for not being able to write. I question why I can’t just come up with an idea. Or why I can’t develop an idea fully.

There have been times where I can’t write for days.

But recently, I have realized that I don’t need to always produce a masterpiece. If a draft is shitty, it’s okay. I can just hit the delete button and no one would know.

The one thing I have learned: a writer’s block can be removed. I just have to remember what Liz Gilbert said at a Ted Talk (which I am paraphrasing), “No one expects you to write something perfect. Just write.” As long as I write something, I’m happy.


Whatever to Money and Prestige

It’s seemed like everyone love to fuss about the importance of money and prestige. People fear that you’re crazy if you choose to pursue an unconventional path in life.

Back in college, fellow history and politics majors did not know how to mind their own business. They kept shoving law school down my throat. I straight up ignored them.

The most important life lesson college taught me: don’t give a fuck about money and prestige. Not all money is good money. If you focus on money solely, you might regret doing unethical behavior. As for prestige, it’s overrated because it doesn’t really bring happiness; it instead creates a superficial reason for people to admire you.

I have chosen to focus on goals that fit my personal mission of enriching myself with intellectual, personal, and creative experiences.

Finding Inspiration

Laying in bed this morning, I struggled to get my butt up. I wondered what I was supposed to do. The idea of being productive did not appeal to me. All I wanted to do was to stay in bed. It was not until I grabbed my phone and listened to the British Muslim musician Harris J, who I found out by NPR.

Harris J’s song “Salam Alaikum” made me smile for some reason. The background tune sounded so simple, yet refreshing. I started dancing to the song.

Finding inspiration can be difficult sometime. We sometime think that we have to go to some exotic location to find inspiration. Yet, we don’t have to.

Inspiration can be found anywhere, especially on the internet. If it wasn’t for NPR, I would not have found out about Harris J. To find your inspiration, here are some simple ways:

1. Take a walk outside. Have your eyes wide open and enjoy the smell of the air. Something might spark something in your mind.

2. Read a book. It seems so mundane, but the story could stretch your imagination out more.

3. Waste some time online. This sounds so stupid, but you never know what you might find, especially on YouTube. I have found some creative videos, such as the Halloween makeup videos by Nicole Guerriero.

4. Hang out with friends. By simply talking with them can make you randomly think of an idea.

5. Look at images. Images are non-verbal messages made up of lines, colors, texture, and shades. Even one trait in the image could become your muse. You can find images in magazines, online, museums, and pretty much anywhere.

Finding Your Voice

The task of finding your voice tends to be a complicated process. You first wonder what it means to have a voice. Even if you know what it means, you can get confused by listening to others who think they know you.

I have struggled to develop my voice. Growing up, I had no idea what my voice was. People kept telling me how I should act. Even in college, my professors strongly told me that my thinking was awful. They almost made me think that their bs style was the best (it turned out that some of my professors lacked originality and creativity). 

Now I have a better idea what my voice is. It has taken me trial and error to find it. This is how I found it:

1. Why do you care to have a voice?

I have realized that you have to have a reason for wanting a voice or else you will drown in confusion.

2. What is the end goal?

Having a clear goal better informs you on who you are trying to talk to.

3. Stop giving a fuck who people think.

It is so easy to let others’ opinions overwhelm you. You have to learn not to take things personally.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others.

I was guilty of comparing myself to others. Self-doubts were strong because I feared that I was not doing enough. It dawn on me that I had to stop thinking that I was doing a shitty job.

5. Keep it moving.

You are bound to have some missteps along the road, but you just have to keep it moving.

By my struggles of figuring out what I feel or think about things, I am getting closer to finding my voice.