Getting Some Legit Mexican Food and Sweets!

Over the weekend, I was texting my friend that I was craving Mexican food. The legit kind.

She responded that she knew a few authentic Mexican places. We planned at that moment to get Mexican food for lunch.

Today, my friend took me to a restaurant called Real de Minas. Never heard of it before. But my friend ensured me that it was very good.

Walking in, the place gave a cozy feel by the Mexican decoration on the walls.


When I was browsing the menu, my friend suggested for me to get the combo in order to try different dishes. She showed me food items I didn’t know about before.

She explained that tostada is basically like a taco, except it is served on a flat tortilla. Then, she talked about what a chile relleno was (seen it before on the Food Network). She advised me to get shredded beef as my meat.

I ended up ordering the tostada and chimichanga! Figured that I should try something new instead of getting the typical burrito or tacos.


While we waited for the food, we were served with chips, salsa, and an avocado sauce. The avocado sauce was so refreshing. I spread the avocado sauce over my entree.


My friend shared her chile relleno with me and it was so good! I wished I got it! Oh well.

The tostada was my favorite. It was easier to eat than a typical taco. Not messy at all.

Following our lunch, my friend mentioned a Mexican bakery she knew. She asked if I wanted and I just said yeah.

The bakery was so cute with Mexican fiesta decorations. Forgot to take pics.

The bakery reminded me of the bakeries in Beijing because of the trays and tongs. I loved going into the bakeries in Beijing because they were full of sweets and stuffed bread.

My friend quickly selected the sweet for me. She kept saying, “Oh, you have to try this. You have try this.” She kept on grabbing different sweets.



I was surprised that the sweets were so cheap. Great deal!

Very grateful for taking me out for legit Mexican food and sweet today!



Body Rebelling

Whenever I got home from school, I would be starving. Looking through my kitchen, there would be pasta, rice, and other ingredients to make dinner. However, I did not feel like cooking.

Instead, I would go on GrubHub! GrubHub made life easy by providing information on which restaurants did delivery. The service also calculated the total bill including tip and tax. I was one happy camper when I ate my fried cheese wontons.

Eating greasy food was no big deal growing up. My body seemed to be okay with it. I ate whatever I wanted.

However, now my body is rebelling against me. Whenever I eat too much junk food, my body shut down on me. I become very tired and ill.

My body will no longer tolerate my horrible eating habits. Now, I am adapting healthier food options in my life. For example, I have recently started eating yogurt with granola for breakfast.  That has made me feel more fresh in the morning.

Reducing my consumption of red meat has happened too. I used to eat bacon all the time, but I now avoid buying it when grocery shopping. Meat is still a major part of my diet, but I generally stick to chicken or fish now.

Soda is one thing I have been cutting back on too. I used to drink a lot of it because it would keep me going in classes. Well, I have realized that I feel a lot more energetic when I do not drink it. I still drink a can or two a week, but my health is a lot better now.

Taking my health for granted is something I now try to stop. I need to start treating my body well or else I will not age well. If I do not improve my physical health, I might not be able to live a full life.