Getting Some Legit Mexican Food and Sweets!

Over the weekend, I was texting my friend that I was craving Mexican food. The legit kind.

She responded that she knew a few authentic Mexican places. We planned at that moment to get Mexican food for lunch.

Today, my friend took me to a restaurant called Real de Minas. Never heard of it before. But my friend ensured me that it was very good.

Walking in, the place gave a cozy feel by the Mexican decoration on the walls.


When I was browsing the menu, my friend suggested for me to get the combo in order to try different dishes. She showed me food items I didn’t know about before.

She explained that tostada is basically like a taco, except it is served on a flat tortilla. Then, she talked about what a chile relleno was (seen it before on the Food Network). She advised me to get shredded beef as my meat.

I ended up ordering the tostada and chimichanga! Figured that I should try something new instead of getting the typical burrito or tacos.


While we waited for the food, we were served with chips, salsa, and an avocado sauce. The avocado sauce was so refreshing. I spread the avocado sauce over my entree.


My friend shared her chile relleno with me and it was so good! I wished I got it! Oh well.

The tostada was my favorite. It was easier to eat than a typical taco. Not messy at all.

Following our lunch, my friend mentioned a Mexican bakery she knew. She asked if I wanted and I just said yeah.

The bakery was so cute with Mexican fiesta decorations. Forgot to take pics.

The bakery reminded me of the bakeries in Beijing because of the trays and tongs. I loved going into the bakeries in Beijing because they were full of sweets and stuffed bread.

My friend quickly selected the sweet for me. She kept saying, “Oh, you have to try this. You have try this.” She kept on grabbing different sweets.



I was surprised that the sweets were so cheap. Great deal!

Very grateful for taking me out for legit Mexican food and sweet today!



Made Some Stir-fried Chicken

Yesterday, I had one whole raw chicken breast left after making my chicken noodle soup.

I decided to use the remaining chicken for stir-fried!

First, I sliced the chicken into strips.

Then, looking through my fridge, I found some Korean BBQ sauce and chili oil. I combined the sauce and oil to marinate the chicken overnight.


After preparing the chicken, I cut some bell peppers into pieces.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Today, I pan fried the chicken for seven minutes.


At the seven minute mark, I poured in the bell peppers in the pan. I continued cooking for three more minutes.


When I was done cooking, I served the stir-fried over rice!

I only ate half of the stir-fried for lunch. Saved the rest for dinner.

For dinner, I ate my stir-fried with toast.


Finally Cooked Chicken Noodle Soup By Myself

Today, I finally began adulting, which is internet slang for doing adult things, by cooking chicken noodle soup by myself.

First step was to read the recipe. I checked what ingredients I had at home and which I had to buy.

Then, I went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients. I won’t deny that grocery shopping is daunting for me. I usually panic on knowing if the produce is good or bad quality.

Carrots were one of the ingredients I needed. In the carrot section, I saw a bag of raw carrots. But there was also a bag of peeled baby carrots. So, I was lazy by buying the baby carrots. No desire to peel anything.

Once I got home, I prepped first. Using knives scare me usually because I’m scared of getting cut. Well, I was very careful with cutting the celery and chicken.

Also, I seasoned the chicken with salt and pepper.

I first cooked was the chicken. That did not take long since I cut the chicken into small pieces.


Next, in a separate pot, I stirred some carrots, garlic, and onion.


After a few minutes, I added the chicken, celery, and chicken stock.


Then, I dumped raw pasta into the pot because I wanted the pasta to soak in the broth.

For twenty minutes, I boiled the pot while stirring occasionally.

The soup turned out to be yummy!


Very proud of myself for cooking by myself.

How To Edit Instagram Pictures

Instagram is the place to show off your pictures.

However, showing unedited pics is not appealing.

To edit Instagram pics, I recommend using the free mobile app VSCO.

Here is how I use VSCO:

1. Upload unedited pic on VSCO


2. Click on edit options


3. Use perspective options


I use the vertical perspective to straighten out my image.

4. Crop


I delete any empty space I don’t want.

5. Use clarity, sharpen, saturation, shadows save, highlights save or any edit options




I generally play around with any edits┬áto┬ámake my picture look brighter and clearer. It’s all trial and error. Don’t overthink with the editing.

6. Upload the VSCO pic on Instagram



7. Use Instagram filter


8. Write caption and include hashtags




This morning, I woke up and was making some green tea. Just chilling. Out of nowhere, my pal called me if I was interested in getting breakfast with her. I whispered, “Yeah, let’s go.”

My friend drove us to a restaurant called Jelly near the University of Denver (DU). The bright orange wall caught my eyes when I entered Jelly. My eyes quickly noticed that there were classic cereal boxes on the wall, including a Star Trek one of Spock! Sadly, I could not get a good picture of that box from where I was sitting.

The first thing we received was our water. My friend was disappointed that it came in plastic cups because it is not usually how they serve it. However, when our waiter came, he notified us that they had brought out more of their special glass, which are mason jars! He then replaced our plastic cups with clear mason jars filled with refreshing water. It gave such a quaint feel as if we were in the country side instead of busy Denver.

When our waiter asked us what we wanted to drink, I asked him what was their specialty. He happily responded, “The latte is very good, especially with coconut and toffee nut!” I screamed, “I want that!”

There were so many delicious choices on the menu and I could not decide what to get. My friend advised me to get the haco chili Benedict, which had chorizo in it. I could not wait to get it!

While waiting for our food, my friend and I were talking about job searching situation. I expressed the amount of rejections I was receiving. She then talked about her own struggles too. I was relieved that I was not the only one figuring out a career move.

Our food arrived! The English muffins were covered with the haco chili! So beautiful! I immediately took a bite and was in heaven! The rustic potatoes were crunchy, but had a simple taste to them. 

Jelly was a great restaurant for brunch! The food was so fresh and light. I will for sure come back.