Meditating Daily For A Clear Mind

While listening to CollegeFashionista’s podcast (highly recommend it, even if you aren’t into fashion) and their first episode was with Joyce Chang, editor-in-chief of Self Magazine. Chang talked about meditating daily. And she made it clear that meditation helped her clear her mind.

Two weeks ago, I decided to start meditating to improve my mind. So, I decided to start off with 3 minutes. My first day was intense. Breathing heavily and kept thinking, “Where am I going with my life?’

At the end of the meditation, I felt that I failed. I felt that I was Julia Roberts Eat, Pray, Love when she couldn’t meditate well.

On the next day, I decided to try again. I meditated for 3 minutes again. Sky Ferreira’s “You Are Not the One” played on my mind. Blocking it was a challenge. It kept replaying. It wasn’t until the last minute that I was able to clear my mind.

On the third day, I sat down and meditated for 3 minutes. Surprisingly, no thoughts popped up. I just simply breathed.

Since meditating, I have been feeling more clear in my head. I still overthink, but my thoughts aren’t as strong as they used to be.

Whenever you feel stressed, find something to help you ease your mind. It doesn’t have to be meditation. You can go running outside to clear your head.

Taking care of your mental health is very crucial.


What I Would Tell My Teenage Self

Beginning of high school, I planned out the rest of my life: graduate high school with honors, go to college, attend medical school, pursue a medical residency, become a licensed physician, buy a house, and then retire. I pictured myself living in a cozy house in a secluded area. My attitude in life was about getting material goods.

Well, I’m no longer want to do medical school. Instead, I’m pursuing a freelance career, which is the opposite of stability. I have no desire to buy a fancy house.

Now, I want to travel around the world after my amazing year studying in China. There are so many places I want to see, especially Japan and India. Tasting new food and seeing new sites excite me the most.

My teenage self would view my current life as insane, but I’d tell him to chill out. Life is too short to stress out over. Just breathe and enjoy the moment.