Cooking Boxed Dirty Rice With A Fresh Twist

Out of everything my dad made growing up, Zatarain’s dirty rice mix was my favorite!


Clearly unhealthy by it being processed. And consisting mainly of rice and meat. But I loved eating it!

Today, I was looking at what I had on the shelves and found a box of the dirty rice. So, I decided to cook it.

First, I browned some ground beef, but I added some green onion to give it some freshness.


After browning the ground beef, I drained the excess fat oil. Don’t worry. I did not dispose the oil down the sink (that would cause problems).

After draining the fat oil, I tossed in bell peppers to give it something light.


Then I added water, the mixture bag from the box, and some vegetable oil.


Following the directions of the box, I covered the pot and turned the heat down.

Left the pot alone for 25 minutes while occasionally stirring it.

After the 25 minutes, I turned off the heat and left the rice alone  for 5 minutes.


Finally, I ate it and it was so yummy!


Finally Cooked Chicken Noodle Soup By Myself

Today, I finally began adulting, which is internet slang for doing adult things, by cooking chicken noodle soup by myself.

First step was to read the recipe. I checked what ingredients I had at home and which I had to buy.

Then, I went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients. I won’t deny that grocery shopping is daunting for me. I usually panic on knowing if the produce is good or bad quality.

Carrots were one of the ingredients I needed. In the carrot section, I saw a bag of raw carrots. But there was also a bag of peeled baby carrots. So, I was lazy by buying the baby carrots. No desire to peel anything.

Once I got home, I prepped first. Using knives scare me usually because I’m scared of getting cut. Well, I was very careful with cutting the celery and chicken.

Also, I seasoned the chicken with salt and pepper.

I first cooked was the chicken. That did not take long since I cut the chicken into small pieces.


Next, in a separate pot, I stirred some carrots, garlic, and onion.


After a few minutes, I added the chicken, celery, and chicken stock.


Then, I dumped raw pasta into the pot because I wanted the pasta to soak in the broth.

For twenty minutes, I boiled the pot while stirring occasionally.

The soup turned out to be yummy!


Very proud of myself for cooking by myself.

Style Guide For Lazy Dressers

Fashion and style seem to be odd subjects for people to comprehend. Trends are constantly around us. We question what is in and what is out.

Yet, style is not really difficult to pull off.

Here is some basic guidelines on style:

1. Invest in classics

Classic items, such as jeans, khaki pants, t-shirt, dressed shirt, and trench coat, never go out of style. They can be worn all year.

jeremy young streetwear.jpg
British model Jeremy Young

2. Bulk up on neutral colors

Your main clothing articles should be in in neutral colors (black, white, gray, blue, cream, and brown). Neutral colors can be worn in any season.

Robbie Wadge

3. Wear colorful accessories

Wearing colors can make people afraid of looking odd. The best way to wear colors is by accessories like scarves, gloves, hates, bags, or shoes. Having a colorful accessory on adds a blast of color to your outfit.


4. Incorporate different textures

Textures are a great way to change up your visual appearance. For example, try on a sweater with a basket weaving look.


5. Be adventurous with patterns

Patterns can give a nice twist to an outfit. A pattern jacket is great for fall and winter. Another great idea is a plaid shirt because it’s a simple pattern for anyone to wear.


Financial tip: be careful with spending too much money on clothes. Don’t waste $2o dollars for a t-shirt. You can go get t-shirts for less than 5 dollars. You can find great items in the clearance sections at department stores too.