Writer’s Block Is The Worst

Sometimes when I write, my fingers just type out the words within minutes. Then I will have a nice piece of writing. But there are times where I can’t type anything.

I can be starring at my screen for an hour and have nothing typed.

That leads me to be frustrated with myself for not being able to write. I question why I can’t just come up with an idea. Or why I can’t develop an idea fully.

There have been times where I can’t write for days.

But recently, I have realized that I don’t need to always produce a masterpiece. If a draft is shitty, it’s okay. I can just hit the delete button and no one would know.

The one thing I have learned: a writer’s block can be removed. I just have to remember what Liz Gilbert said at a Ted Talk (which I am paraphrasing), “No one expects you to write something perfect. Just write.” As long as I write something, I’m happy.


Not being Perfect

Perfection is drilled in us at a young age. We are told that we have to get it right the first time. Making a mistake is not considered acceptable. 

Through out my whole life, I have always strived for perfection. That goal has made me successful, but it has made it hard for me to accept failure. I end up feeling deflated.

Now, I know that it is okay to not be perfect. We are human; making mistakes is normal. The most important thing is learning from our mistakes. That is how we learn and grow as people.

I am not saying that you should not strive to do better. You should always want to improve yourself. The most important thing: knowing how to handle rejection and failure gracefully.

It is okay to not be perfect. You should embrace your unique characteristics. Just remember to breathe and live life.